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- Friday 10 April, 2009
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New Special Trailer – ONG BAK 2!!
- Saturday 04 April, 2009
ONG BAK 2 (Thailand)

Starring and co-directed by Tony Jaa, ONG BAK 2 tells the story of a young orphan who is taken in by a group of guerilla warriors, only to grow up and exact sweet bloody revenge on those who killed his family. Intense, impressive and with no shortage of action – ONG BAK 2 is a MUST HAVE classic in the making!

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. . . and Enter ROCKIN’ ANDROID!
- Saturday 28 March, 2009
Game Publisher “Rockin’ Android” Debuts with Officially Licensed Doujin Videogames for North American PC Market(Anime News Network // March 25th, 2009)

San Francisco, CA – Newly formed videogame publisher Rockin’ Android announced today during Game Developers Conference 2009 the U.S. release of five doujin videogame titles it has acquired, marking the very first time that rare and exclusive fan-created, anime-style games for the PC have ever been officially licensed and localized for commercial sale outside of Japan. Among the five titles, SUGURI Perfect Edition and GUNDEMONIUM Collection will be released for direct retail sale, while Flying Red Barrel –A Diary of a Little Aviator–, Qualia and Miku Miku will be exclusively available as download-only titles. All five titles are side-scrolling, shooting/fighting action games slated for a summer 2009 release.
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- Saturday 28 March, 2009
SHIRI (Korea)

You like harcore drama and action? SHIRI is exploding with it! Pitting special agents against a phantom sniper while wrestling a large security breach amongst their own ranks, check out why SHIRI is known as one of Korean Cinema’s biggest hitters in history!


It’s usually a wise thing not to tempt the Fates. But as luck would have it, that’s exactly what happens when a group of professionals recreate a screening that summoned an audience of the ghosts in 1987. Unwittingly pitting their lives at risk, THE SCREEN AT KAMCHANOD is a real thriller with classic cinematic horror effects and plot twists. Check it out!

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